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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Crosstown Series 2005, Round Six

The final: Cubs: 2, White Sox: 0

The 2005 Crosstown Classic ends in a tie.

After the game, second baseman Todd Walker said the Cubs beat the White Sox in the last two games by "playing the White Sox game." Yes, the Cubs seemed to have rediscovered smallball, and at the right time. The two runs scored by the Cubs is a testament to John Garland's skill on the mound.

Nevertheless, Mark Prior was in better command this afternoon. Through six solid innings, he allowed only one hit and struck out three. One might not have known this was his first start after almost four weeks on the DL. Jerome Williams followed up with two great innings in his first stint as a middle reliever and setup man, and Ryan Dempster shut the door on the Southsiders.

If Kerry Wood can pitch as well as did two years ago, if Mark Prior continues to dominate on the mound, if Carlos Zambrano can keep his temper in check, if Jerome Williams and Ryan Dempster become the "dynamic bullpen duo" the Cubs need, and if the batting order can plug its holes, the Cubs have a strong shot at the playoffs. On the other side of that long list of "ifs" is the St. Louis Cardinals with a large lead in the division. The Cards lost a messy game to the Pirates this afternoon, and perhaps these two games are turning points for both teams.

One can hope.

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