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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Are we Clear?

No doubt you've heard about or have seen Tom Cruise getting publicly pranked in London. You might also have read about Brooke Shields' tirade against Tom Cruise's criticism of antidepressants. (Scientologists deplore anything related to psychiatry.) This on top of his convenient public whirlwind romance with Katie Holmes has prompted this blogger to question his long-term bankability.

Roger Friedman, a.k.a. Fox411, has long tracked Cruise's wackier antics from which the mainstream media has stayed away. Cruise has publicly pushed programs that are fronts for Scientology, such as HELP. Adding more concern is Friedman's recent revelation that 16 days in April are missing from Katie Holmes' personal calendar. The folks at Free Katie might not be far off as those close to Holmes fear she is being brainwashed into Scientology.

What is really going on here? Is this something beyond viral marketing for War of the Worlds and to lesser extent Batman Begins? Is there really a large Hollywood Scientology Conspiracy in play here? As an aside, is Oprah Winfrey an enabler in this conspiracy, or is she a part of it? (I'm in the camp that believes she's a closet Scientologist.)

On a less serious note, is Tom Cruise crazying himself out of the market? Will War of the Worlds be his last major film before he finally falls off the deep end?

Posted by GiromiDe @ 8:00 AM
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