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Thursday, June 16, 2005

No More Excuses

Everyone I know keeps telling me to watch the short-lived science fiction series Firefly. Currently, the only way I can do this is to rent or borrow a DVD set of the first season, I haven't the time or funds to do so. According to Jeff Harrell and a Sci Fi Channel press release, I have no more excuses as the network will air it on Fridays, creating a fairly solid four-hour block of programming that will consume my TiVo's hard drive for months.

As Jeff already mentioned, the timing of this could not be better for adult-oriented science fiction. With the Star Trek franchise (finally) being buried for a few years, one can hope that smart viewers find their way to Sci Fi Fridays and add to its already respectable audience numbers. Star Trek was long considered the end-all be-all to sci-fi television, which likely kept other sci-fi series from finding success over the past several decades. Fortunately, Star Trek burnout has prompted many good writers and producers to offer stronger alternatives.

Sure, one has to go to "cable" to find great programming in this genre, but who isn't hooked up to cable or satellite by now? I've seen trailer parks full of dishes.

Posted by GiromiDe @ 10:45 PM
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