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Monday, June 13, 2005

Jacko just beat it.

Michael Jackson has been acquitted on all counts. Jurors were terse during the post-trial press conference -- no doubt only disclosing details to their respective ghost writers.

I am by no means surprised by the verdict. While I haven't made a concerted effort to follow Yet Another California-based Hyperbolic Trial (YACHT), from what I've read and heard, the prosecution didn't have an airtight case. Despite the repeated admission by the accused that he frequently slept with young boys not related to him, the prosecution couldn't connect the dots. Not helping matters were accusers whose questionable pasts established much reasonable doubt.

My gut tells me Michael Jackson is a confused, self-centered, thick-headed boy-man who is desperately trying to recapture a childhood taken away from him by his tyrannical father. This makes him an easy target, and it also makes him an easy victimizer. I can just as easily believe he's innocent as I can believe he's guilty. His offerings of "Jesus juice" and pornographic materials to boys call his actions into question, but again, the prosecution never offered a solid case.

Not helping matters was a District Attorney who thrust his chest around like a cocksure rooster who just nailed the best hen in the coop. I never liked how pleased he seemed about the case early on.

Jesse "Appropois of Nothing" Jackson offered his two cents. Various residents of The Gloved One's hometown Murderville Gary, Indiana were extremely pleased with the verdict.

(For painfully thorough online coverage, go to "Jacko Central" on The Smoking Gun.)

So, what do we focus on now? Iraq? Africa? Bradgelina? Katie Holmes' embrace of Scientology, and the public's efforts to free her?

Posted by GiromiDe @ 6:20 PM
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