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Friday, June 24, 2005

Crosstown Series 2005, Round Four

The final: Cubs: 2, White Sox: 12

It's designated hitter season for the Northsiders as they visit the Southsiders at The Cell. Funny thing is, the Cubs might have been better off with Mitre in the lineup given his batting performance at his last outing. Even Derrek Lee never reached base on this hot, sticky afternoon.

While the East Coast media wants everyone to care about the lowly Mets and Yankees knocking each other around this weekend, this series in Chicago has the most epic tone.

It's a Tale of Two Teams.

One team has possessed the best record in 2005 since the first weeks. The other team has struggled to stay competitive in its division.

One plays loose and efficiently, believing in the time-honored value of smallball. The other swings, swings, swings for the fans and often comes up short.

One has a strong starting rotation and bullpen with only a few kinks. The other has a rotation desperate for consistency and health and a bullpen with little to offer but frustration.

One seems to enjoy playing baseball. The other looks confused and upset.

One team has all the moving parts working. The other has a few parts that far exceed the performance of others.

It's also a Tale of Two Fanbases.

One team sees sellout crowds at every home game and legions of what my dear friend Don calls "WGN fans" filling stadiums throughout the country. The other would be happy to see 20,000 arrive.

One captures the love of its fans and its city despite breaking their hearts so many times in the past. The other has fans who are more angry at that other team and its fans than they are in love with their own team.

One usually draws attention from national media. The other might be brought to national attention if they win the World Series.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of time.

Posted by GiromiDe @ 8:35 PM
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