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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

All Things Chicago

The ChicagoCrime.Org is an updated and continuously groomed site detailing criminal activity in Chicago proper.

The Encyclopedia of Chicago is an online form of the mammoth volume produced by the Chicago Historical Society.

The excellent Shedd Aquarium is in the midst of its 75th year. (My apologies for the site's use of frames.) The experience is well worth the steep admission. A new CRABS! exhibit has recently opened. That's right -- Chicago has crabs.

The Cubs extended their win streak to five games last night against the Dodgers in spite of Corey Patterson's efforts to the contrary. I hope they can extend the streak to six before facing the hot Padres. As the Cubs don't face the Cardinals for the remainder of June, they need to win a high percentage of their games to make a dent in the Cardinals' sizable lead. Tonight's pitching matchup is the always healthy Kerry Wood newcomer John Koronka against noted speller Derek Lowe. (I love me some Derrek Lee like any Cub fan, but that extra "R" must go.)

The steady White Sox helped the ultra-hot Rangers with another dramatic walk-off win against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in The State of California Located in North America last night. (Someone in their front office needs to commit to one damn location.) Sox fans will have to wait until July and August to see if they can fare against potential playoff rivals the Red Sox and Yankees. The bulk of their June schedule is interleague play against the NL West (yawn) and the Cubs (yippee!).

Posted by GiromiDe @ 10:35 AM
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