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Some Blog I Wrote

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Juxtaposition in Wisconsin

My family spent Memorial Day Weekend 2005 in Rochester, MN with our dear friends the Ruffs, who were gracious enough to host us. They relocated to Rochester from Chicago two years ago so that Kevin could serve his residency at The Mayo Clinic. The city itself is more scenic than I expected -- hilly and wooded with many well-maintained historic homes.

This was my first time driving from Chicago to Rochester. One need only follow I-90 for most of the trip. Along the way, I spied a few interesting landmarks. The ones that generated many road trip laughs were signs advertising The Deke Slayton Memorial Space & Bicycle Museum in Sparta, WI. Someone or a group decided to combine the legacy of Mercury Seven member and Sparta native Deke Slayton with the history of bicycles. They also decided to create a website for the aforementioned museum that was marginally acceptable in 1998.

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