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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lost in Reflection

After watching the first season finale of Lost all I can say is, Huh? It's a good Huh, but a Huh nonetheless.

Dr. Heimlich has already compiled a great list of comments.

I was very pleased with the finale. Nothing was wrapped up, but characters continued to let their guard down. After all, Lost is more a broad ambitious character study than just a survival story. Jack and Locke finally butted heads. Hurley and Kate discussed numbers, then Hurley threw a well-deserved fit upon (finally!) seeing his numbers on the hatch. Claire, Shannon, and Sun engaged in light female bonding while Jin, Michael, Sawyer, and Walt established an odd comaraderie. Charlie proved his heroism to Sayid, but Sayid unwittingly introduced Charlie to the heroine stash (finally!). Dr. Arzt opened up very literally and very suddenly.

After the finale, we still don't know the significance of the Others, the Numbers, the Hatch, or Walt. If elements of the supernatural are at work, the writers have done a great job burying it in the general mystery of the Island. Even the "reveal" of the Monster didn't offer much other than sounds and actions that were more mechanical than animal -- possibly confirming my suspicion that the Monster is a machine, a literal security system, built into the entire infrastructure of the Island.

All I have left to finish is Alias, then it's nothing until Sci-Fi Friday returns in the summer.

Posted by GiromiDe @ 11:15 AM
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