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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Jack Bauer, Hitchhiker... er, Fugitive... er, Starman... er, Hulk...

My wife and I were only one day late finishing the last season of 24. Our household would be grateful if at least Alias returned to a normal fall to spring schedule next season. Two series airing an uninterrupted stream of new episodes is a bit daunting in light of all the other series airing new episodes.

What can I say? The finale was uneven, but it did set up the possibility for a great fifth season. The motive behind killing Jack before he's turned over to the Chinese government was plausible, so faking his death was equally plausible. Even poor Kim believes her father is dead, which is for the best as she would be endangered otherwise.

Let's hope the fifth season actually delivers on the promise of this season's finale. (I'm looking at you, season three!) Jack should remain persona non grata, and CTU should remain in the background at best. I'd love to see a Mission Impossible style off-site reunion of Jack, Chloe, Tony, Michelle, and President Palmer, and I'm so very sick of CTU. I'm sick of the dim lighting that requires almost all lights in my living room to be turned off. I'm sick of the incessant string of bullheaded, unimaginative superiors at CTU and from Division -- whatever the hell that is. I'm sick of CTU being a carnival of fools and an arena of backstabbing while Jack remains The Only Man Who Can Save America From Terrorism.

I have little reason to doubt that next season will be disappointing. 24 will add Manny Coto and David Fury. Coto was the man behind the brilliant but short-lived Odyssey Five who was later tasked to save Enterprise. Coto seems like a "think outside the box" kind of producer, though his attempts at helping Enterprise in its fourth season were more for the sake of plugging continuity holes than of telling good stories. Regardless, I think he'll steer the show in a new direction. Fury is best remembered for contributions to Angel and Buffy, but he's also written some of the best episodes of Lost ("Walkabout" and "Numbers") and is a writer for the summer series The Inside, which early reviews say is worth a look. He has a knack for building good characters, so we might see some real depth next season.

Tonight's viewing features the finales of Alias and Lost.

Posted by GiromiDe @ 10:50 AM
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