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Some Blog I Wrote

stuff i think about and then type on a keyboard

Monday, May 23, 2005

Nugget of Wisdom

My dear friend Sean offered this insight on Knob-Fil-A:

[J]ust as [the United States] have every right to go into Afganistan or Iraq, I think we also have the right to go send troops into Darfur to, you know, STOP THE GENOCIDE there.... or into Uzbekistan where the government is gunning down people in the street. How about Saudi Arabia, which produced 10 of the 12 9/11 terrorists and is refusing access to UN weapons inspectors? I don't mind [the United States] being an arsenal of democracy and I don't even mind being the world's policeman.... I just don't like that we are becoming the world's LAPD of the early 90s, responding to 911 calls when houses in Studio City or Beverly Hills are threatened by crime, but doing nothing when gang-bangers are shooting down kids in the streets of Compton or East LA.

Posted by GiromiDe @ 9:21 AM
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