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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Cubs Streaking; Rocket Red; etc.

The Cubs extended their win streak to four games and put themselves above .500 last night by defeating the Dodgers. Color me impressed when they manage to put themselves more than one game above .500. Also, I'd like to see a Cubs closer not give up a run no matter what the margin for error. Tonight's pitching match is between Carlos Zambrano and Brad Penny, which should be interesting.

Poor Roger Clemens. He polished another gem for the Astros only to see it scuffed and scratched by the bullpen and cold hitting. Some say he might try to get out of Houston by the All-Star Break if things don't turn around, but I don't see it happening. Of course, why would he still play unless he wanted to tally more wins, which has proved difficult, or make a few more playoff appearances, which seems impossible right now? In short, how fickle is the Rocket and how airtight is his big fat fancy contract?

The AL East is still confusing as all hell. The Yankees should get some free wins against the Royals while the Orioles and Red Sox beat up each other. That sound you hear is the ticking of the timer counting down the Yankees eventual (and unexciting) rise to the top of their division. Such is the fate of the "walking All-Star squad."

My hometown Rangers have the hottest winning streak in baseball -- eight staight. They've beat up on quite a few teams this season, including the currently #1 White Sox, but can they pull ahead of a usually tight division race?

Posted by GiromiDe @ 3:55 PM
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