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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I Hate Woodfield

While it has a great Apple Store (the first in Chicagoland) among other stores, I can't stand Woodfield. Perhaps I was too spoiled when I lived near the more generally upscale Old Orchard and Northbrook Court, but I hate that Woodfield is the closest mall to me now. The parking lot is a schizophrenic mess of partial parking garages and buckling concrete. Moving from one floor to another requires navigating a maze of elevators, ramps, and stairs -- heaven forbid one is pushing a child in a stroller. (No, our family are not stroller hogs!) There is no central food court, so quick dining is scattered -- the preferred A&W Restaurant requires excellent navigation skills.

Now, I read that Old Orchard and other malls are contemplating facelifts with nary a mention of Woodfield. This mall I'm stuck with might be in its current state for a long time.

Maybe it's Sears I hate. Woodfield is the only mall I've lived close to that has a Sears. Maybe I have something against a store where I can have my picture taken, my eyes examined, and my teeth cleaned, where I can purchase a pair of khakis, a refrigerator, a DVD player, a lawn mower, alumnimum siding, windows, and a table saw, where I can charge all of the above to the Sears Credit Card, that once most crucial part of the former Sears empire.


No, I still hate Woodfield.

Posted by GiromiDe @ 11:05 PM
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