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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I Love It When Cruise Isn't Together

As Trib columnist Eric Zorn laments about never being prodded for his opinions on the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes fling, I have a confession. I watched the Oprah interview in which he acted like a complete lunatic in the hopes of learning anything interesting about War of the Worlds, the second film I desperately want to see this summer after Batman Begins.

Tom Cruise's hysteria is somewhat contagious. He lost it during his last interview with David Letterman while trying to explain how and why he reduced cabin pressure while flying a passenger in his off time. (What is it with Scientologist celebrities being pilots?) The passenger woke up after passing out none the wiser. It was a dark, funny anecdote -- a rarity in modern late night interviews.

I have another confession, I hope Cruise appears on Oprah just after his eventual breakup with Holmes. Hopefully, he'll be as publicly upset and remorseful as he was giddy and optimistic. Seriously, I'd pay to see that. Or maybe he'll go all Vincent and hunt down each member of the audience. One can hope. (Note to self: buy Collateral.)

Posted by GiromiDe @ 9:50 PM
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