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Some Blog I Wrote

stuff i think about and then type on a keyboard

Thursday, August 18, 2005


An Aussie Askew asks for many things to stop. I think we have a meme...

  • Drivers. For the love of God, stop putting magnetic car ribbons on your car! Don't you understand that you've just been suckered into this decade's version of the Baby On Board craze?

  • American Industrial Beer Manufacturers. For the love of God, stop trying to convince those of us who actually want to enjoy beer as we drink it that the tasteless swill you create is good for anything other than a cheap buzz. A recent commerical for Bud Light or Miller Lite poked fun at people who enjoy imports, and that's just a cheap shot. What about domestic microbrews? Is that scum, too? Or, do you not care as you're trying to buy as many as you can?

  • Hoover. For the love of God, stop painting we Dyson owners as vapid snobs. Your Wind Tunnel crap doesn't work after a while. My household tried it for a few years. After more than a year, our Dyson is still sucking hard... in a good way.

  • The Chicago White Sox. For the love of God, stop sliding. We Cub fans with some semblance of reason want to see some team from Chicago do well this decade. Don't make both halves of this Chicago baseball season worthless.

  • The American Car Buyer. For the love of God, stop buying cars with low mileage ratings. Don't you get it? If the price of gas settles after the summer, regular unleaded will likely settle around $2.50.

  • The European Petroleum Consumer. For the love of God, stop reminding us that you've payed through the nose for "petrol" for decades. We get it. We were spoiled for far too long.

  • Hollywood. For the love of God, stop.

  • Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. For the love of God, stop hoping the Federal corruption investigation will stop just shy of your office. We're not naive. You seem like a nice guy, but we also know your family history.

Posted by GiromiDe @ 8:52 AM
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