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Monday, September 19, 2005

Can the 2006 Emmys be this easily telegraphed?

As many early reports say that series debuting this season largely won't stand out, my guesses for the 2006 Emmys are as follows:
  • As Everybody Loves Raymond won't be able to collect any more "swan song" or "body of work" Emmys next year, Arrested Development and Desperate Housewives will be collecting most of the Emmys in the Comedy category. Housewives being listed as a comedy is somewhat suspect, but I really just don't get what makes that show so special.
  • The West Wing probably won't see many Drama Emmys until after its last season, so don't expect many next year. Even the voters realize that show fell in quality after the first four seasons.
  • Drama Emmys will be a toss-up as there are many good dramas this season. Comedy? Not so many.
  • Battlestar Galactica should find its way into a few categories, which would be a large accomplishment for a genre series. If it wins anything beyond technical achievements, which the series is careful not to highlight, we can all point and laugh at Paramount's bloated, rotting genre empire.
  • The bulk of the Variety Emmys will still fall in The Daily Show's lap. Chalk it up to compatible politics. I wish I could remember to watch more of that show. Perhaps I should just TiVo the damn thing and shut up.

Posted by GiromiDe @ 10:14 AM
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