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Monday, July 11, 2005

A Big Break for Chicago

Cubs: Jus keepa continue

I'm as shocked as anyone that the Cubs swept the Marlins -- including a win against Dontrelle Willis -- in Miami after losing eight straight. They enter the Break one game below .500, and one game behind Houston, who've surged the past six weeks. They are six games back in the Wild Card and a ridiculous number of games behind Division leader St. Louis. (Note to MLB.com: Would it kill you to put the Wild Card standings on the same page as the Division standings?)

The Cubs have a few chances left to eat away at the Cards' lead, but they'll have to play several levels higher than even their recent efforts in Miami. They have yet to prove they have the consistency of quality to reach the playoffs. They must also contend with a much stronger Astros club ahead of them in the coming months, including what might be a dramatic series at the end of the season. By "dramatic," I mean, "the Cubs are playing for more than a spoiler."

Sox: Pray for no A's

When the White Sox enter the 2005 playoffs, they had better hope they don't face the Oakland Athletics in the ALDS or ALCS. The A's batters have figured out how to beat every Sox pitcher. The Sox are 2-7 against the A's in 2005 and 11-34 since 2001.

I'm sure they'll recover after the All-Star Break. They'll probably find themselves in a few more 8-game win streaks before the season ends. Regardless, they and their fans had better pray the Angels and Rangers can punish the A's enough to produce a Wild Card from the AL East.

Posted by GiromiDe @ 9:28 AM
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At Mon Jul 11, 07:50:00 PM CDT, Blogger DrHeimlich wrote...

First, let me say I know virtually nothing about baseball.

Now then, I have to say that this picture you use on all your Cubs posts looks an awful lot to me like Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun on Deep Space Nine).

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At Tue Jul 12, 07:42:00 AM CDT, Blogger GiromiDe wrote...


No, that's starting pitcher Greg Maddux, who started his career as a Cub, spent the vast majority of it as a Brave, and will likely retire a Cub. He's in the 300 Win club.

I use this picture for every one of my baseball posts. I just love those mid-pitch expressions.

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